3D Mapping is a specialty of light artist Oliver Bienkowski. We have various possibilities to analyze building fronts and equip them with the best possible light installation. Mostly we couple light projectors to leave a stronger impression on the visitors of your event. With our experience, we can offer analogue mappings with various still motifs, all the way to the ultra-modern rendered video show in accordance with the dimensions of your building.

Alternatively, we can also apply 3D mapping to your products. From a cup to a car, you can breathe life into these objects and play with all the creative facets of the possibilities. The viewers are drawn in from a produced story that brings their products to life and thus has a much higher identification factor.

Together with you, we will analyze your target building and advise you comprehensively when it comes to 3D Mapping, from planning to the approval phase or just using guerrilla from a bike with battery and beamer. These guerilla missions are perfect for trade fairs or places where a lot of patience can be expected, such as nightclubs or shopping malls. Here you can leave your messages to many interested parties in the local area around special target buildings.

3D mapping for the Saarländischer Rundfunk. We brought 5 days to the St. Johanner market to shake. Our 3D modeling of your target building amazes passersby and their customers. With high tech projectors, we let your house facade shake.

We offer analog mappings, digital mappings and light painting by local artists from a single source. We could already provide monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Stuttgart Neue Schloss and other well-known buildings with mappings.

Example Video 3D Digital Mapping:

Example video Analog Mapping Brandenburg Gate:
Example video light painting:

3D mapping

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