Architectural lighting for your company

Our profession and passion is house decoration or, more precisely, the illumination of shopping streets, churches, squares, buildings and shops.

With the help of creativity and computer simulation, the details of the building and object illuminations are designed in a highly professional manner, according to the wishes and specifications of our supporters. For many people in Germany, we have already been able to develop and implement tailor-made illumination solutions. We also provide you with free planning advice at any time.

Architectural lighting for advertising purposes

An architectural lighting consists of the right light projectors, takes into account your color choice and provides an air conditioning housing. From planning, to collimator production, to flag pole mounting or to the roof, caveman provides the best advice and execution around planning a campaign. We analyze your needs and make it possible for us to organize the best experience. Architectural lighting turns your product into a real eye-catcher. For an offer, the rough data is enough for us. When should the implementation in architectural lighting be implemented? What is the goal of your action with architectural lighting? How many rays of light should we use in your city? How should the action be documented? With this information we can make you a written offer. Please use our contact form or call us.

Modern guerilla marketing is trend-setting and usually outshines traditional forms of advertising. Everyone knows it, the overstimulation of today's society makes mega posters fade and flyers are usually thrown directly into the trash. In guerrilla marketing, we put the focus on people and build emotionally charged campaigns that exceed small campaigns, usually large classic campaigns. We recommend a noncommittal discussion with us to combine your advertising budget with our ideas. We offer a professional implementation, many of our actions have already found their way to Cannes. Campaigns convincing. Put your trust in caveman, we advise start-ups as well as global players. Our references can be found in almost all sectors of the industrial spectrum. About 200 official references can be found on our Youtube channel or on our website.

architectural lighting

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