Event lighting by the light artist

What is event lighting?

The well-known light artist Oliver Bienkowski developed with the agency caveman unusual event lighting for special events, Self-developed light projectors with up to 6000 Watt, interactive light projections, floor projections and ball projections complement facade lighting and transform your event into an unforgettable experience. This form of light art event lighting has already been implemented for well-known buildings and organizations. Various light art concepts could be implemented at various national and international light festivals. Special buildings were for us German Bundestag, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church or several times that The Brandenburg Gate and historic castles. Often the participating light artists from all over Europe implement joint installations, which in turn reach virality & Your event beyond the day of the event in all media announce. With event lighting put on one of the best light art agencies in Europe. Our experience puts us in the position with the most modern lighting technology implement futuristic light installations. However, we are also at home in the area of ​​3D mapping, the so-called interactive light projections, and have already illuminated events with up to 100.000 visitors. Large screen projections on Mountains & skyscrapers are just as possible as staging small products on onebooth Due to our strength in the field of lighting design, we can name you references in all major German cities. About Keystone correction and other technical possibilities, we can also find alternative locations to put your light art appropriately in scene. Graphic spotlights position your message where it is really seen, with mobile or urban light projections we meet your target audience where you are. So-called gobos are combined with analog light art with DIAS to find the best result depending on the projection surface. A gobo can be etched or lasered. Caveman and light artist Oliver Bienkowski can do so with a gobo projectorprojection clockto gigantic laser installations or laser pyramids over your city. We take over as Booking agency all details about your light installation at your event.

Event lighting Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf


Light art by Oliver Bienkowski enchants masses, Anke has time

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Thus caveman lighting technology always finds a place at your event, with small or large projectors, we find space everywhere to inspire your guests. Lighting technicians professionally change the appearance of the location. Our light art is also shining in Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate has already been turned into a rainbow and forest for the Festival of Lights. Depending on the season, we combine the lighting design of your shop lighting with Christmas lights, LED lighting or façade lighting. Even if you have problems with scaffolding, in the field of building lighting is also possible more than a pure bulb on a generator. Light artists show again and again that one creates the miracle of light art with the most unassuming buildings. Just Christmas outdoor lighting or Christmas illumination in the interior is a specialty of light artists.

Event lighting & large screen projections

Our large screen projections at your event are a special specialty of all light artists in the portfolio of the agency caveman. Together with Helimballons & Wasserwände, we're conjuring up a big-screen projection at a movie premiere that has washed itself. Interactive projections in front of large buildings are another possibility for perfect event lighting. Imagine your audience interactively determining how the façade projection moves. Depending on the motto of the event, your event will kick off with interactive lighting projects. Let your guests become football stars with an interactive floor projection, especially children can be so playful busy. Our projections play in a league that few companies in Germany and Europe reach. Our show architects prepare you a perfect solution, which we finally develop and publish together with you. Even facade lighting can be enchanting if it is well planned.

Lightworlds from the computer

We create your own world of light with your event lighting. We learn. We play. We develop ideas. We get ideas out of the dark. We use the contrast. We make it spectacular, or make something disappear. We focus the view. We make connections. We change your perspective. We work in the shade. We search for the why with light. We give answers. We take a stand. We accuse. We play with the spark of light in our innermost. We carry him outside. We are light artists

The weak are also powerfully connected

Friedrich Schiller

Go out and prove yourself.

Light art instead of artificial light

During the Documenta, the light art works of light artist Oliver Bienkowski became known worldwide. With colored Plexiglas or headlamp films he enchanted city furniture and bridges to unique rainbow installations. The international project Love knows no bounds Rainbow Laser puts over cities and connects their location with professional event lighting.

Even lasers have already been installed in Kassel, with 65 professional installations showing the light art of Oliver Bienkowski in the field of laser art. A rainbow laser on the Düsseldorfer Rheinturm shone 2016 for the victims of the Orlando shootings.

We fight with passion for light art

Our illuminations enchant your event planning. A bridge of light combines professional event lighting with your event. Our lighting concepts have already enchanted many night of museums in many cities. A new kind of light culture is evident in major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich. As lighting designers, we analyze the existing location and show you lighting concepts that sometimes offend, but always hit the mark. The light art light enchants all facades, whether concrete projection or brick projection.

Very rare light art installations are even implemented with industrial lighting or parking lighting. Hall lighting & street lighting can become true light art works. Imagine a shop window lighting that is more art than standard and attracts your walkers magically into your trade, even normal facade lighting can be artistically used for a wonderful look. With our solutions we implement a lighting efficiency that is unique in the industry Europe is.

event lighting

PixelHELPER Foundation | Oliver Bienkowski at the TED Talk in Marrakech, Morocco

Light Art Video projection enchants all the senses

With strong video projectors and show lasers, we can totally change the mood at your event. In combination with audio artists, all senses are activated. It does not matter if you are presenting a car at a trade fair and getting a video mapping done there, or if you want to make a building come alive at your light festival with wonderful façade lighting. Our laser projector can emit messages even in daylight. Motor screens can transmit your message every minute to thousands of people at an event. Event lighting of the latest generation. Contact us, you will receive non-binding advice on the phone.

Light projection with DIA projector or gobo

On several occasions, light artist Oliver Bienkowski became involved in event lighting at light festivals. The Reichstag in Berlin shone in a checkerboard pattern with wonderful façade lighting. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church shone in the deepest blue for World Diabetes Day. With large-screen projections, even open-air cinemas can be erected in spontaneous locations. With the facade projection technology, we can technically measure your building 3D and digitally show you the result.

light Art

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