Guerilla marketing refers to the choice of unusual actions in the so-called marketing, which should achieve a large effect with atypically low funds. These are legal to 100%. With guerilla marketing, caveman uses various instruments of communication policy aimed at achieving a surprise effect with comparatively low costs for the largest possible number of persons in order to achieve a very high guerrilla effect (ratio of advertising benefits and costs).

Guerrilla marketing is aimed primarily at small businesses and the self-employed. It is based essentially on common sense and less on experience, ratings and assumptions. The primary measure is profit instead of revenue. Another focus is on the monthly new customer relationships. Specialization is preferable to broad diversification of products or services. Instead of building up new customer relationships, first of all value customer recommendations and other deals with existing customers. Cooperation with other companies is preferable to intensive competition monitoring. For a campaign several marketing tools have to be combined. To build a company, an existing technology should be used. Above all, customer addresses are to be written individually. The smaller the customer target group, the better. The focus should rather be on the customer's consent to be able to send him more information instead of forcing an immediate sale. One should stick to his campaign. An effective rhythm is to be used instead of developing a new advertising slogan for each campaign.

At the caveman advertising agency, your guerrilla projects are in perfect shape. Our creativity inspires ideas for your success.

  • Reverse Graffiti & Stencils
  • Streetbranding with stencils
    of a special kind

  • Electrostatic flyer / sticker
  • Escape criminal law
    Penalties by electric
    charged stickers

  • Guerrilla Gardening
  • Logos with flowers or
    City branding with plants
    in your corporate colors

  • Moss graffiti
  • Logos with moss or
    City branding with moss in
    Your corporate colors

  • Snowvertising
  • The winter months should
    Advertising technology not unused

  • LED throws
  • LED throws and LED
    Stamp for your advertising

  • Aerial Advertising
  • Helium luminous balloons and
    Zeppelins and helium balloons
    for promoters

  • ice figures
  • Creative shapes for
    Your creative events

  • XXL carrying banner
  • These banners are striking

    Guerilla Marketing
  • laser painting
  • Laser tagging and laser painting
    on buildings and mountains for your

  • Dye rivers
  • With harmless substances
    we dye rivers for you

    We are looking forward to your message!