Driving Promotional Robot - Lenor - Procter & Gamble Robot Promotion

For the well-known brand Lenor we have implemented the ulimative guerrilla detergent test. Our high-tech advertising drones move electrically indoors and at outdoor fairs. With or without sound and even with digital screen. The views of the buyers were on our side. Read More

myToys.de Big Sculptures & Youtube Star Jörg Sprave

For the company myToys in Berlin, which collaborates on the fulfillment of children's dreams, caveman international has designed several 4-meter-high robots in cooperation with the artist collective PixelHELPER Read More

Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity - Clean Graffiti - Streetbranding

McCann Erickson Düsseldorf and Caveman realized a project for Theramed for the well-known festival in Cannes. We clean up the old town pavement in Dusseldorf for a clean smile. With chalk we designed a great action that made for glances at the passers-by. Read More

3D Mapping - Saarländischer Rundfunk - UNSERDING

For the Saarländischer Rundfunk, the youth broadcaster, Unser Ding 103.7, light artist Oliver Bienkowski and the team of Caveman Guerrilla Marketing Agency GmbH developed a breathtaking 3D mapping. Theme: Love goes to the house. Look for yourself. Read More

Katjes World Vegetarian Day - Düsseldorf KÖ

Just in time for the 1. In October, Caveman Guerillamarketing GmbH set up a spectacular guerilla marketing campaign for the company Katjes at KÖ. During the night, Xnumx Katje's packaging was hung in the trees at the KÖ. Directly the next morning, promotion girls provided Read More

Campari 3D Mapping red night bars HH - B - MUC

3 Cities, 3 Nights, 60 Bars: Enjoy unforgettable nights in the 3 scene hotspots Berlin, Munich and Hamburg! Stylish drinks and hot beats are guaranteed when Campari invites you into the city's coolest bars, cafes, lounges and clubs. Young bands, cool DJs, Read More

Light projection Federal Chancellery

For the Initiative Aufschreib Stops the Arms Trade with the patron Margot Käßmann accompanied by Prof. Dr. med. Peter Grottian we projected cartoons in the night of the 23.08.2012 from a biplane to various government buildings. Read More

updateCRM Cebit & International Confectionery Fair Analytica

The CeBIT appearance of update is under the motto "Experience Management". Your key to success is waiting for you! Their unique user experience is hidden behind centimeter thick steel. Decide on this year's Read More

Michael Schumacher - 45. Birthday in Grenoble

Michael Schumacher means so much to many people. He has inspired us all with his successes. We can look back on many beautiful victories, the moments when he fought back, the motorcades for his titles and the tears for his defeats. Read More

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