We film motifs and events of your choice with remote-controlled flying objects, car-locks and boats. Pictures from extreme angles in Full HD. On request, we will cut your video and support you in the viral distribution on the Internet.
Ground shots - drone
300,00 € / hour (s) *

Individual floor shots according to your specification
at cost. The price includes:
Fotohonorar, technical equipment, all transferable
temporal and spatial unrestricted rights of use
for all taken pictures (photo, video).
Autodrone + Pilot + video footage

We film with our Autodrone motifs and
events of your choice. Our vehicles arrive nationwide
for use. Upon request, we will provide you with an offer including travel expenses and video editing.

Approach to 50 km free, per multi-kilometer EUR 0,50

Aerial view - Hexacopter
300,00 € / hour (s) *

Water intake - boat
300,00 € / hour (s) *

We offer you a full service in the area:

Classical aerial photography, maintenance and inspection flights, filming from the air, on land and in the water, spherical panoramas, construction progress documentation, damage from the air, capture, surveying and archeology, infrared photography and thermal imaging.

Customer example:

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