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guerilla marketing agentur

Always only currywurst. Always book poster advertising. Always see the same …
We at Caveman have the gaze as a guerrilla marketing agency.
Think of us once again through a wormhole, via another Galaxy, back into your product, and always put our creative life at risk.

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Caveman Guerilla Marketing ist eine der besten Uboot Spezialagenturen auf dem Markt. Wir arbeiten meist
inkognito für große Netzwerkagenturen im Bereich Guerilla- und trojanisches Marketing außerdem übernehmen wir Aufräge bei politischen Campaigning

3D mapping light projections Saarbrücken

World’s longest rolling poster

Focus on viral marketing

Caveman International is a full-service, under-the-line specialist agency specializing in political campaigns. Core competence is the conception and implementation of guerilla marketing and ambient marketing measures, promotions, events, incentives and sampling.

Lighting and the background of events with interactive lighting installations is one of our great passions.

In the field of campaigning, we enter new ways as a guerilla marketing agency. Sample Elections: The closer the election becomes, the more important are surprising actions to reach the electorate-saturated voters and win for your goals. Frontal communications and front-line applications were once, clever thought-out and surprising guerilla strategies are state of the art – and our core competency as a guerilla marketing specialist agency

Guerilla Marketing Agentur

Unusual people provide unusual views. Different people use the whole spectrum that marketing has to offer. What appears to the one green is not the other for a long time. What is a real eye-catcher for the other, just yawn the other. Chaos says the one, awesome the other. 40 creative advertising heads ensure that the eye is addressed in humans.

Not foul compromises but hard-worked concepts and discrete solutions ensure that our actions appeal to the imagination and dream dreams of the audience. Our goal is uniqueness. Our goal is to achieve that everyone who has seen our work wants to tell us about it. We focus our ideas on the essentials until the invisible but obvious one comes to light.

Since the company was founded in 2000, experts from Cavemen, the international advertising agency, have struggled with state-of-the-art modern technology and unusual projects – for well-known customers in the Netherlands, Morocco and Germany.

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Werbedrohnen für Lenor, Procter & Gamblet

Lichtprojektionen Rote Nacht der Bars

IFA Rundfunkmesse Guerilla Aktion